Star gazing

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Ranginui means "Sky Father" in Maori and here, in the serene expanse of the Wairarapa, one of the largest dark sky reserves on Earth, star gazing becomes an ethereal experience, blending nature's tranquility with cosmic wonder. 

Here you can sit back right outside your accommodation and gaze at the heavens in wonder while enjoying the warmth of the brazier and a hot drink and spot stars, planets, even satellites.

Or, embark on a captivating journey where expert guides unveil celestial secrets against a backdrop of pristine night skies. Beneath the Milky Way's graceful arc, the cosmos reveals its brilliance, punctuated by constellations that narrate tales of antiquity. In Wairarapa's embrace, you can book with "Under the Stars" who will come to Ranginui Retreat so you can enjoy a private viewing, or you can travel to "Star Safari" who host fascinating explanations of the night sky. Here, amidst the whispers of nightfall, the universe unfolds in an enchanting spectacle, offering solace and inspiration beneath a blanket of infinite possibility.

Both Star Safari and Under the Stars have experts in astronomy and the stars and have all the equipment needed to create an unforgettable evening for you.

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